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What is family life photography?

Whether it is a couple of portraits for the wall, or a series of photos to create a book, family life photography captures your family at home, interacting, playing, being themselves - candid photos that record the everyday moments that make your family special.

Sometimes called family lifestyle photography, it is a snapshot of your family life, natural, spontaneous pictures that when placed together create a pictorial story of your family at that point in time.

Capturing the personal moments that make your family special



A family life shoot allows your family to be photographed at their most natural, doing the things they love in the familiarity of their own environment, with everyone captured together.

With two children of my own, I know just how quickly they grow up and how important it is to cherish those special early years in families.

I want to remember our daily life - the fun, the grumbles, the love, the bits that happen in between birthdays and other important occasions when the camera usually comes out.


I also want to be in my family photos! Far too often family snaps are of the kids and their dad because I'm taking the picture - I'd like some memories of all of us all together.


What does a real family life photo session look like? 

Click on the link below to see some examples.


Answers to all the questions you have about Family Life Photography sessions.


Click here to see what's included in the session fee, and what extra options are available.

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