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Family life session with the Lewins

I first met Laura when we were both pregnant with our first babies, on a pregnancy yoga course run by the wonderful Nerissa Fields. It was an eye-opening course (having never seen "One Born Every Minute", I naively hadn't thought at all about labour and the actual process of giving birth), educational and ultimately very useful as I put into practice Nerissa's teachings as soon as the first contraction was felt. The other huge benefit of the course was meeting other mums-to-be and sharing our weird, wonderful - and plain difficult - experiences of the later stages of pregnancy.

Fast forward 7 years later, and I am at Laura's house to photograph her family - with not just one little boy now but two, Xander and Reuben. So wonderful to see how these little boys have grown up and into their own individual personalities, and a real honour to be able to capture some of their family life on camera for posterity.

Laura had organised some activities for the boys to do - a board game with Reuben, electrical circuits for Xander - that reflected what they both like to play at the moment. Then it was into the garden to show off their ball skills - though after 2 balls ended up next door, we sensibly switched to catching bubbles instead!

Back indoors for cuddles and a tickle on the sofa before we ended the session with a group slime-making activity. Difficult to pick my favourites, but here are a selection of pictures from the session that I hope capture the essence of this lovely family.

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