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  • How long does a session last?
    A photo session typically takes 1.5hrs - enough time to allow your family to get used to me snapping away, with plenty of time for breaks too.
  • How far do you travel?
    I travel all over the Midlands for family photo sessions, and mileage up to 10 miles from my address in Leicester (LE3) is included - beyond that a small charge is levied to cover the extra distance.
  • How many photos do you take?
    In a typical session I will take around 40-50 photos for you to choose from, though I have been known to take over 100! The photos are priced separately so there is no pressure to purchase - it is entirely up to you how many extra you decide to order. As a guide though, if you are looking to produce an album or photobook from the session, then I recommend at least 20 photos to give a good overview of your family and their activities.
  • Where do you shoot?
    For a family life photography session, I usually suggest shooting in your home and/or garden where your family will feel most relaxed. However, if you have a favourite location, such as a park perhaps, that would be perfect too. As photographer, I am looking for the best quality of daylight, so if we are shooting indoors, I may suggest moving an activity closer to a window where possible to take advantage of the light.
  • What sort of activities do you suggest for the session?
    This all depends on you and what your family enjoy doing together and I will discuss it with you before the session. However, a few suggestions (depending on the age of your children) might be: playing chase or a ball game, an impromptu disco, board game, painting and crafts, baking, gardening, or reading books while snuggled up together. If children are older then a walk in the local park might be more suitable. The important thing is that it reflects your unique family life!
  • What if someone is ill on the day?
    I understand that being ill is totally unpredictable, just let me know as quickly as you can, and I will rebook your session for another date at no charge.
  • What's the next step?
    If this sounds like your cup of tea and you would like to book a family life photography session, please fill in the booking form or email me at and I will send you a short family questionnaire and booking form. To confirm the date of your session I simply request a deposit of 50%, and then I will send you a Prep Guide on how best to prepare for your session to get the most out of your photoshoot. Look forward to hearing from you!
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